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Hair removal wax division


XANITALIA was founded in 1984 as a specialist private label producer of hair removal waxes, at the time when hair removal was gaining ground as a the norm. Nowadays depilation is one of the most important aspects of body care, and one to which the modern woman pays particular attention. .

Xanitalia expanded rapidly, and thanks to its continual investments in research, plants and production facilities today it is one of the world’s few suppliers in its product category. The company’s growth has been constantly underpinned by a philosophy,  based on the ceaseless striving for quality in the products and services offered to customers, in a spirit of total openness and cooperation..

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to the many customers, now also our friends, who  have shown respect for and trust in our organisation over all these years. Equally sincere thanks must go to all staff, who have worked with great responsibility and dedication to achieve success for the company on the Italian and international markets. Our achievements so far enable us to look to the future with confidence, strong in our experience and our humility in facing new challenges.”

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