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Professional beauty and body care equipment and articles.

All equipment distributed by Xaniservice must pass the QUALITY TEST: devices undergo a series of checks and tests to certify that they perform to standard, guaranteeing our customers safety and quality.

Xaniservice also offers additional services:
- Integrated stock management and shipping of the articles produced.
- Delivery of products worldwide using all types of packaging required.
The Xaniservice professional products
Hair Salons
Hair driers, straighteners, curling irons, equipment and trolleys, shampoo chairs, brushes and combs, clippers, bags and cases, capes, accessories, clipper heads, caps, curlers and hair accessories.

Beauty Care
Vaporisers, magnifying lamps, chairs and couches, trolleys, sterilisers, stone warmers, towel warmers and mud heaters.

Hair removal
Refill heaters, wax heaters, trolleys, accessories and disposables.

Knives, drills, paraffin wax heaters, tips, accessories, showcases, brushes,
LED lights, UV lamps, files, work tables and stools.

Make-Up accessories
Brushes, sponges, puffs, false eyelashes, make-up bags, make-up cases, accessories.

Spa beauty tools
Wooden brushes, sponges, diffusers.

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