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Private labels

Technical and marketing support
We offer our customers technical and marketing support for the choice of the most suitable products and packaging for the target countries and markets. Our specific experience enables us to guide customers towards marketing approaches tailored to the consumer’s real needs. This is an aspect which must never be underestimated, especially on today’s rapidly changing markets.

Product personalisation
We enable our customers to offer the markets customised products, specially developed and formulated for their specific requirements. Knowledge and use of a vast selection of raw materials allow the product to be optimised and calculated to meet the customer's individual needs.

Our customers receive assistance in the choice of packaging and the relative technical and graphic customisation. A vast assortment of packaging allows the customer to define his product’s marketing image exactly as he wishes.

We are able to offer customers a relationship based on the concept of FULL SERVICE. Once the products and packaging have been decided, the company is organised to produce the product right through from the purchase of the individual ingredients to final packaging: the customer therefore receives the product ready for sale.

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