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Cosmetics division


Xanitalia specialises in the production of beauty and body care products.

Our products are intended for different types of customer.

XANIFARMA is a centre of continual improvement. Every new idea is assessed by the technical staff and undergoes a rigorous process, controlled in all phases by compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Raw material selection

Choice of the most suitable fragrances for the products under development

Stabilisation of the formula with accelerated stability tests

Definition of chemical-physical, sensory and microbiological characteristics

Technical file

Production of the laboratory prototypes

Pilot production

The Laboratory has the latest equipment required for the production of samples, the measurement of standard chemical and physical parameters, and evaluation of the product’s stability, and has highly skilled staff with scientific qualifications in chemistry, pharmacy and biology.

Xanifarma R&D’s highly professional, multidisciplinary technical staff enables it to ensure that the products developed are :

Pleasant in use

The laboratory is capable of developing from scratch and countertyping hair care, skin care, body care, sun care and UV Nail gel products, in full compliance with the relevant legislation and with a special awareness of consumers’ latest priorities, such as environmental protection.

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